KD’s House (WIP)

This project is inspired by one of the greatest architects Mies Van der Rohe. His philosophy and ideas about how living spaces should serve and look like are pretty controversial even for today’s customer. However I still have implemented some of them for this one-storey house for a wonderful couple in Siberian suburban. Simple forms, two or three materials total, greenery and  as much functions as needed – these are main ideas of this project.

The main task I needed to achieve is to combine paradox demands: maximum open space for living with a privacy. The site is situated on the street corner, so two sides of this area is wide open and two other are next to neighbours. The decision to make solid wall on a console make it possible both to block unwilling sights and help the console itself become more stable in seismic zone. The second task is the functionality: garage, private areas and areas for guests should be divided so that there is no need for guests to come inside whether a party is on a backyard. Moreover, if there are guests in a living room the owner still can make a business call in the quiet private area. Also I believe that garages in cold-winter regions shouldn’t have common walls with the living areas because of exhaust fumes and noise. It is also better for vehicles’ frame to be stored in unheated spaces, so there is less rust appears eventually.

This project is still being designed. The simpler project seems outside the complex it is inside. Now my colleagues (construction and HVAC engineers) and I working on a task to make all the reinforced concrete work well for an energy model so that insulation and engineering systems should stay invisible for any spectator.


Irkutsk, Russian Federation