Cinema Fund

The Cinema Fund was founded in Irkutsk by the Italian Antonio Mikhailovich Don-Otello. This is one of the most important cultural buildings, where various videotapes, documentaries and unique local films are kept. A massive video collection has been kept and replenished here since 1907.

Like other old buildings, it needed a rethinking of its concept, self-sufficiency and restoration. Also, part of the Foundation’s areas is rented out so we need to create areas for business processes. The main goal is to preserve the library and develop the territory of the building so that it becomes attractive for residents and guests of Irkutsk.

The project is divided into 3 main non-overlapping zones — Cinema Fund itself, Cinema&Community Center and Business Center.

The first zone is the building of the Cinema Fund, restored and dressed in a shell made of expanded metal.
The second zone is the building of Cinema&Community Center with a specially inclined facade, which becomes an open-air screen at dusk. Viewers can tune their radios to a special frequency and enjoy old films in winter and summer.

The third zone is the Business Center its own site entrance and underground parking.

As a point of attraction on the border near the cliff there is a metal chair – the Viewer Monument. Why so? Quite simply, cinematography cannot exist without an appreciative viewer. Therefore, the monument is incomplete without the person sitting in it.




Irkutsk, Russian Federation


3D visualization, Architecture